World Festival Food Book

World Festival Food Book

Burn's Night - Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - Chef: Alex Coxall - Assembly Inn  - Bath
Burn’s Night – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties – Chef: Alex Coxall – Assembly Inn – Bath

There has been a brief hiatus called on this blog as I have started work on a book. The book is to be a collection of recipes celebrating food from festivals around the world.

Festivals provide focal points for families and communities and since my time in Shanghai celebrating European festivals with the various expats that have come and gone has become an important part of bringing home comforts to our ever changing group.

After cooking various traditional meals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter along with having the chance to experience some of the wonderful food associated with the many Chinese festivals, the thought struck me that with a bit of hard research it would be possible to celebrate a festival on nearly every day of the year.

I have spent the last few weeks gathering information and researching festivals from all over the world and have now started the long process of contacting various possible sources to find out more about food central to these celebrations.

Along with recipes I want to collect first-hand accounts of memories and experiences of festival food. In a world increasingly homogenised, festivals provide a window into the past that must be preserved and celebrated. For me the food of a festival is of equal if not more import than pageantry or costumes.

From the humble toffee apple to the painstaking organisation of the Christmas Dinner it is clear that, even in England, festival food remains an important part of life. Why not explore the world’s cultural festivals through the medium of food?

So here starts the task of accumulating recipes and accounts from all corners of the globe and it is to this end that I ask anyone that may stumble across this blog to please contact me if they have any information on festivals that they celebrate, the food involved and any personal memories they wish to share.

I will be updating with my progress. Please leave any comments you wish. Comments, I am afraid, have to be approved due to large levels of bot Spam but I will check regularly.

Once I have gathered a few festivals I will be publishing recipes on here in time for the relevant feast.

All the best

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