Waves, improvised spar curry and birdeating spiders

Waves, improvised spar curry and birdeating spiders

The day started as usual, only a little earlier. There were fragments of the night before. People and places a little jumbled. Definately pissed off a few people, cider, cider, cider.

Luckily we were on a mission and every important mission demands that you never look back, spacially or temporaly. I was sure that whatever happened was nothing 3 days absence could not fix.

To the car. Every journey starts with a first step and this one was definately no acception, greasy roadside truck stop. We ordered bacon, egg and blackpudding baguettes. The order confused the grill troll but eventually breakfast was served.

Breakfast sorted, onwards, to the Cider Siren of Cheddar Valley. This beautiful maiden is the keeper of many a fine cider and cheese, what more can you say?
“10 litres of dry rough please.”

“You boys going to a party?
“er no…”

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