The bird flu and the pigs floated

The bird flu and the pigs floated

Well, what a town and at what a time to be writing about street food. 16,000 (estimate) pigs wash down the Hangpu and now H7N9 is plucking people off, left right and centre.

The reality on the ground is that you probably don’t want to be eating pork or chicken right now. Markets around where I live have been shut down and birds culled. And I have seen a rise in the number of fisherman along the river.

The current explanation for the pigs is that a police clamp down on the sale of dead or diseased pigs for the consumer market has lead to some serious late night fly-tipping from illicit porcine purveyors, further up river.

As for bird flu, it is not yet clear how serious it is. It is easy to laugh at media doomsday machines on the radio when you are driving to work in the morning, safe in the UK. It is less easy, while packed into a rush hour Shanghai metro with people coughing and sneezing all over the place.

Its even less easy to stay completely relaxed when a severely strained hip sees you stuck for 6 hours in a hospital with corridors full of old people sneezing thermometers across the hallways.

Only time will tell what is going on here and those of an apocalyptic mantle may have a few theories. The upshot is that street food has just become significantly more risky but none the less tasty.

Between this and the North Koreans going bat-shit crazy things are definitely interesting over here right now.

tune in next time for: Cooking in the ruins, Rat Recipes and Canned Goods to die for

Great for metal punk fusion, not so great to see plastered on an eatery
Great for metal punk fusion, not so great to see plastered on an eatery

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