Tag: Alex Coxall

Further camera exploits

I have just bought a Seagull 205 rangefinder camera. The first film is being developed today, although not printed I have no idea where I have to go to get that done. Its pretty cheap to buy and process film out here and it has been a good little experiment learning more about film (well […]

World Festival Food Book

There has been a brief hiatus called on this blog as I have started work on a book. The book is to be a collection of recipes celebrating food from festivals around the world. Festivals provide focal points for families and communities and since my time in Shanghai celebrating European festivals with the various expats […]

Knead something to dough

Just like a Shanghai poultry market I am currently on lock-down. My leg has improved enough that I am able to hobble around the house. With no-one home and a need to do something other than sit around researching eastern European criminal gangs on the internet for no good reason, I decided to make some […]

Time for dumplings – Jiaozi

If we were playing street food top trumps* the Chinese dumpling would be a serious all round contender, filling, tasty, juicy, soft, crispy. It’s versatile that’s all I am saying. You know it might fall in the spicy ratings to a kebab, or lose out on crispiness to a deep fried cockroach, but it knows […]

For the love of God…

This Tuesday I went to see Damien Hurst’s piece “For the Love of God.” That is the skull with the diamonds on and not the dead animals in fish tanks. The work was held in a little blacked out, guarded room in the Tate. The piece, if you don’t know, is a real skull, cast […]