Open Sauce V1.0 The Ginger Ninja

Open Sauce V1.0 The Ginger Ninja

KgingerninjaWell I have decided to take my Chilli Sauce, open source. What follows is the recipe for a chilli sauce I have created. It is the first itteration and I am hoping people adapt the recipe and together we can create a trully great sauce. In the open sauce nature of things each new adaptation can be given a new name by its creator. May I suggest then that the following recipe is known as OpenSauce v.1.0 – The Ginger Ninja

If you would like to join in this project please take this recipe, adapt it and add tasting notes. I will happily act as cataloger for any new versions. Lets see what we can make.

What I was going for here was a day to day chilli sauce, nothing too powerful, influenced by the chinese ingredients around me.

the recipe and tasting notes are as follows:

The Ginger Ninja – OpenSauce v1.0
Strong front punch of ginger, meduim heat, garlic coming later and tingling from the Schezuan pepper corns.

Colour – dark orange almost sligh glow! (kind of like cheddar valley cider)

500 ml White wine vinegar
3 heaped table spoons Prickly Ash (szechuan peppercorns – get them in big packs from oriental market, the English suppermarket ones really wont pack the punch)
10 dried chillies
100g sugar
100g ginger root, sliced as thin as possible

Put all ingredients in a pan
Bring to boil
Simmer – reduce to approx 250 ml
Steep in open container – (lost another 50 ml over one day)
Sieve and retain liquid

add 10 birdeye chillies
5 cloves garlic
10 or so of the already boiled and softened Szechuan pepper corns)
Boil simmer for 5 mins
Sieve all material out
Season (season with salt and white pepper when cool as the sauce is to be served cold).

So there you go, i will post any updates.

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