Garlic shoots

Garlic shoots

garlic shoots - A Chinese secret?
garlic shoots – A Chinese secret?[/caption

This is just a quick post to mention the truly excellent things that are garlic shoots. Resembling un-flowered tulips of some kind, these fiery green shoots provide a welcome kick to dishes. Easier to prepare than garlic they can be added at last minute for that really strong flavour or par-boiled and refreshed before being added to a dish for a more subtle taste.The reason I bring them up here is because they are a common feature of Shanghai street BBQ. Coated in thick oil or a kind of lard like fat and sprinkled with chilli, cumin and various other spices they are grilled quickly on a skewer.

I have no idea why we completely over look this type of garlic in the West. Maybe we send it all over here in exchange for chicken breasts or something. Needless to say this has become my favourite green thing (obviously not counting chillies).
]Shanghai street food Garlic shoots cooked


I am going to infuse some oil with it this evening. Maybe blending then straining or perhaps just infusing. Can’t get enough.

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  1. Sophie

    Two more common ways of cooking garlic shoots in shanghai probably be: stir-fry with eggs and stir-fry with sliced pork meat with soy suace (other spicies, optional)

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