Further camera exploits

Further camera exploits

I have just bought a Seagull 205 rangefinder camera. The first film is being developed today, although not printed I have no idea where I have to go to get that done. Its pretty cheap to buy and process film out here and it has been a good little experiment learning more about film (well I kind of new the stuff already but having to think out my exposure levels carefully rather than just firing a couple of test shots is something that I needed to get in the habit of anyway.

This has in turn lead me to use the 28mm fully manual lens and use it better. As no autofocus I have been sticking to focus zone focusing (ie setting the camera for the maximum depth I can for the light and snapping without refocusing)

Anyway I am writing all this because I am really bored at work, I have everything done apart from all the things I need to access in my gmail (which is currently down…yey China.)

Motorbike taxi shanghai Nikon 1/60 400 ISO Alex Coxall
Motorbike taxi shanghai
Nikon 1/60 400 ISO
Alex Coxall

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